Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions by authors. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, or prefer to have a chat, just let us know.

How it works

Send us your manuscript and we’ll take care of the formatting, cover design, publishing account setup, and we’ll advise you on the whole process; such as pricing your book, and royalties. Finally, we’ll launch your title on the Kindle store/Amazon via the Kindle Direct Publishing platform (KDP). We’ll create your publishing account with amazon on your behalf, if you don’t already have one. This is where you will track sales, royalties due, and all things related to your book. We’ll be here to help you find your feet with your publishing accounts if you need us.

What is formatting?

This is the process that will make your book readable on Kindle and other devices. It is an essential part of the whole process, as if done incorrectly it can attract bad reviews for your book, which is obviously something we want to avoid. All books go through a review process with Amazon and if they find that a particular book is poorly formatted it will fail the review process and the book can be rejected. A well formatted book will increase the chances of good reviews, and good reviews increase the chances of more sales! We format our Kindle eBooks using HTML/CSS code, which is widely known to be the best method to format for Kindle, and the method the world’s top publishing houses use. We validate eBook files through the IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum) prior to publication.

We format print books to industry standards. We promise your book will look no different to one that has been traditionally published.


We do not currently offer marketing packages but we do offer all the advice and expertise you’ll need on the subject. We always encourage authors to learn some marketing basics so they can promote their book themselves. There are many ways to market a book or eBook. Just be careful if you choose to use a paid marketing service, as these rarely work, but they won’t tell you that!

Our marketing strategy is based around keywords and KDP SELECT promotions (Kindle). This will help readers find your book. We’ll thoroughly research and select keywords to place in the metadata of your book file (these won’t be seen by readers), which ensures you reach your target audience. We will also advise on KDP SELECT promotions, which is an excellent marketing tool for Kindle eBooks.

Professional cover design

Our in-house design team will contact you to discuss your ideas for your cover. We know that first impressions count in this industry, and a good cover design can mean the difference of a sale or a reader moving onto the next book. Unlike other self-publishing companies, we don’t just layer text over a stock image. We’ll ensure your book will have a fully customised and unique professionally designed cover, and there won’t be any issues with other books having the same design with different text. Detailed designs, such as customised characters, customised objects etc. are only possible if there is a suitable stock image available. Book covers with customised scenes relevant to a particular story are designed in two ways –

1. Using photographers, sets, and models, which can be an expensive process. This is not something we offer as it is not practical for self-published authors to outlay a large amount of money on cover design.

2. As an alternative, we offer a custom illustration design service, which is not included in any of our packages. Please contact us if you require an illustrated cover design and we’ll be happy to give you an accurate cost for this service.

Authors can have as much input into the design process as they wish.

What is print on demand?

Print on demand allows authors to offer paperback formats of their book without any outlay costs. When a reader purchases a paperback from Amazon, Amazon will print and send the book on their behalf. Production costs will be deducted from the royalty rate, which is 60% for paperback books. Further information on royalty rates can be found further down this page. Print books are printed in black and white, as standard. Colour printing is also available.

Do I need an ISBN?

An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is provided by Amazon for print editions, so you won’t need to purchase one. An ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is provided for Kindle eBooks.

Illustration service

We offer a custom illustration service where we draw and colour designs to an excellent standard. This service is ideal for children’s books etc. Please contact us if you require a quote for illustrations.


It is important that books are as error free as possible. If you expect readers to pay for your book, then you should ensure they have a quality experience. Please see our editing page for further information on the services we offer.

How much will it cost?

We charge a fixed fee of £599 for our package. Your book will be available worldwide in both print and Kindle formats. These are one-off costs and you will keep 100% of any royalties, and we hold no rights over your work. Please note that manuscripts with a word count of over 100,000 words and/or with numerous images and complex formatting requirements (tables etc.) may incur further charges. This is due to the extra time required to ensure you end up with a professionally formatted book.


Amazon has two royalty rates for eBooks; 70% and 35% of the sale price. The 70% royalty is available to customers in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and more. Your title must have a list price of between £1.99 & £9.99 to receive the higher rate.
The 35% royalty rate is available for titles priced between £0.99 & £200.

Authors will receive a 60% royalty rate, minus production costs. We’ll let the know the exact royalty once your manuscript has been submitted to Amazon.

How much money will I make when my Kindle eBook is sold?

There is a simple calculation to find out exactly how much profit you will make per sale of your eBook. Amazon charge a delivery fee when your book is downloaded and the fee is covered by you. The current delivery charge is £0.10/MB. The average size of a book with no photos is around 0.5MB. So an example of the delivery cost for this kind of book would be £0.05. The file size of a book can increase tenfold when high resolution images are introduced. We will let you know the exact delivery charge before your book is published to the Kindle store.
Now to that all important calculation!

Royalty calculation example

List price of title = £4.99 – delivery fee of £0.05 = £4.95

Profit at 70% royalty rate = £3.47

Profit at 35% royalty rate = £1.73

Kindle Direct Publishing Select Enrolment (KDP SELECT)
KDP Select is an excellent (and free) way to get your book to more readers. You can make your title available on Kindle unlimited, so Kindle unlimited members -who pay a monthly subsrcription fee – can “borrow” your book for free. Amazon will then reward you with a share of it’s KDP Select Global Fund, which is distributed equally between authors who have enrolled titles in KDP Select. The fund is topped up on a regular basis by the Kindle unlimited subscription fees, and is usually around $10,000000 per month. Only members of Kindle unlimited can borrow your book, and it will still be available for sale to regular customers in the kindle store at the 70% royalty rate. Plus, earn 70% royalty for sales to customers in Japan, India, Brazil and Mexico, rather than the standard 35% rate for these countries.

KDP Select is optional, but it is certainly something to think about as it can provide extra revenue and help build a following.

More info on KDP SELECT can be found here

How long will the process take?

Your book/eBook will be available for purchase on Amazon within approx. 21 days of deposit payment. If using our full proofreading or illustration service the above times will be increased.

How can I pay?

PayPal is our preferred method of payment. Payments are fully protected and you don’t need a PayPal account to make payments.

What happens once my book is published?

We will advise you on how you can track sales, royalty payments, and organise promotions through your Kindle Direct Publishing account, which we will set up on your behalf. Upon publishing we will forward you documents with your publishing account information, as well as some useful information for self-published authors.
Please let us know if you have any questions on our publishing services.

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