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Voted best editing & self-publishing company 2023 at the SME News Awards

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Multiple bestsellers
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You may well see other self-publishing companies offering wider distribution but the truth is that Amazon has the market covered. Especially for self-published authors.

Traditional publishers don’t rely on sales from online outlets such as Waterstones, or Barnes & Noble for our American friends. They make the most sales from Amazon.

We’ve worked in the Amazon publishing ecosystem for many years and have helped multiple authors hit bestseller status. In our opinion, there’s no better platform for self-publishing.

If you’re not using our editing services, we can have your book ready for publication within 14 days.

This may increase during the run up to Christmas.

You certainly do! Once we have published your book you will keep 100% of any royalties, and you will retain all rights to your work.

Of course! We guarantee our books will be of an equal standard to those traditionally published.

Amazon Print on Demand (POD) for books is a service offered by Amazon that allows authors and publishers to create paperback and hardback formats of their books.

Amazon will only print the book when an order is received and send it to the customer on your behalf. 

Print on demand is a game-changer as it avoids the need for print runs, storage, etc.

Once the book is received by the customer, your published account will be credited with the royalty amount. 

We publish to the world’s largest bookstore: Amazon. Your book will be available worldwide, but we focus on the largest English-language Amazon book territories: UK, USA, and Germany (yes, Germany is one of the highest grossing territories for English-language books).

We’re fortunate enough to have worked with writers from all over the globe, and we love it! 

There’s no borders in publishing, so wherever you are we’ll be happy to work with you.

Additional costs will be incurred if your manuscript has multiple images or requires complex formatting. 

All costs will be confirmed before you pay a penny!

With self-publishing, authors have full creative control, but we always advise authors to have their manuscript professionally edited. 

Yes. Authors retain 100% of all rights.

Amazon pays a 70% royalty for eBooks with a list price between £1.99-£9.99 and 35% for eBooks priced outside of this range.

A 60% royalty (minus print costs) is paid on print formats.

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